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Happy New Year!

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Happy New Year! We hope that everyone is in the full swing of their New Years’ Resolutions. At Diamond Brite Metals, we resolved to provide our website visitors with original, insightful content about the architectural and commercial metals polishing industry. Whether your organization is a multinational service center, an architectural fabricator, or a job shop, we hope you find our website and blog informative and engaging.

We intend to cover all aspects of the metals industry in our blog posts because we know that architectural and commercial polishing touches every portion of the metals supply chain. Our polishing can be found in all industries across the world. Most of our Original Equipment Manufacturers (“OEMs”) are in biochemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, dairy and architectural. The sprawl of our architectural and commercial polishing end-uses provides us with a unique perspective into all of the industries that rely not only on polishing but other companies in the metals supply chain. For our first blog post, we will be somewhat self-indulgent and introduce our services and capabilities as the country’s most comprehensive architectural and commercial polisher.

We received our moniker of the country’s most comprehensive architectural and commercial metals polisher from our decision to cover all product lines and finishes. We polish routine items such as flat bar, pipe, and tube to all finishes for service centers and fabricators across country. Our capabilities do not stop there. We polish all extrusions, i.e. I-beams, channels, angles, tees, to all finishes. Our trained staff specializes not only in producing industry finishes on all surfaces of every product line, but also, in meticulously furnishing architectural finishes such as non-directional, longitudinal, RA(s) and #8 mirror.

Although our capabilities are expansive, we pride ourselves on our quality control. Whether your material is destined for a highly trafficked area of Manhattan or the inside of a larger fabricated structure, your material will handled, processed, inspected, and packaged with the utmost care. All material is inspected upon arrival to inform our customer of its safe transit and to alert of any potential problems that may arise in the polishing process. After processing, our staff inspects the finish and the material itself before packaging for quality assurance. Your material always will be packaged for safe transit to your warehouse or job site.

In the upcoming year, we plan to roll out various “series” on our blog where members of our staff, and the occasional guest post, will discuss trending and pertinent topics involving architectural and commercial polishing. These blogs will be posted to Diamond Brite Metals social media accounts for your convenience as well. Please feel free to comment, discuss or just complain about our chosen topics and the quality of our writing!


George Karpus

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