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Existing metals look worn or dated but
want to keep costs down? You have choices! 

Diamond Brite Metals provides onsite metals polishing and refinishing services throughout the tri-state area. Our onsite metals refinishing ensures your project receives superior metals polishing and refinishing at a cost-effective price point.

Onsite metals refinishing projects Include: Bollards, Elevators, Commercial Lobbies, Commercial Entrances,  Sculptures, Installations, Railing Systems, Hoppers, Tanks & Vessels, Stairwells, and Other Architectural and Ornamental Metals.


Remove Scratches & Wear and Tear

Does your elevator door, metal panel or metal frame have scratches or other imperfections? Existing scratches and imperfections can be refinished to virtually disappear. The new finish will blend with the old finish to create a uniform scratch free surface.

Restore Original Appearance

Scratches and surface damage can make a lobby, elevator door, or metal panel look dated and worn. You can keep costs down. Metals refinishing can return your surface to its original condition and appearance without costly expenses.


Protect Surface

Onsite refinishing will protect your elevator, lobby or metal panels surface condition. Onsite refinishing passivates the surface creating a protective coating that upholds surface condition. Onsite refinishing increases the life cycle of your surface at a lower cost point than replacement.


The following metals polishing finishes are available through our onsite metals polishing team:

  • Custom Finishes

  • RA Finishes


Onsite metals polishing pricing includes labor, materials, and travel time. Onsite metals polishing pricing is based on complexity and duration.

Interested in Diamond Brite Metals onsite metals polishing services? Email:

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