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Quality Control

DBM’s internal quality controls ensure compliance with requested finish and project specifications. All products and profiles will exceed the exacting standards of architectural and design end-uses. DBM's internal policies and control systems are consistent with ISO 9001:2015. DBM management mandates routine review and updates to its Quality Management System (QMS) to remain consistent with all applicable standards.

Quality Control Manual (QM)

To ensure transparency, uncontrolled copies of DBM's QM are available upon written request and subject to approval by DBM management. To request an uncontrolled copy, please contact Darragh Harten at


DBM routinely updates its QMS to remain current with the following standards:


ASTM: A4800/A480M

ASME: BPE-2016

API 620 & API 650

UL 142

ISO 9001:2015

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