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Company History

Diamond Brite Metals, LLC (“DBM”) is the country’s most comprehensive and knowledgeable architectural and commercial metals polisher. Founded in 2001, as a subsidiary of the Stainless Stock Exchange, DBM quickly gained a reputation for superior and expedient service. DBM prides itself on being able to finish any size long product in all finishes. DBM’s headquarters and plant are located in Middlesex, New Jersey in close proximity to the industry’s main pipe and tube distributors. 

DBM does not sell or supply metals to customers. DBM is strictly a toll processor, which allows DBM to provide its customers with in-depth knowledge and service throughout the polishing process. Our Sales Department welcomes any and all inquiries regardless of the size or complexity of the project. We are available to consult with your general contractor, architect, or project manager at any stage of the project.

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