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Latest Trends in Architectural Polishing

Surface Finish in the Design Stage

Architectural Polished concrete is an extremely versatile material that is easily customizable in its appearance, using striking aggregates, quartz, and colours to essentially create a sense of industrial sophistication in both homes as well as commercial buildings. The CPAA defines polished concrete as “The act of changing a concrete floor surface, with or without aggregate exposure, until the desired level of a glossy finish is achieved.”

While it is still primarily used as a material for interior flooring, architects have been pushing the limits of polished concrete for many, many years now by using it for many different kinds of products: feature walls, patio floors and even large exterior panels. Whether (you’re) opting for functionality and increased light reflectivity, versatility and durability, or cost-effective and aesthetic beauty - polished concrete is a trend unto itself.

According to the ASCC (American Society of Concrete Contractors), most trends in the decorative concrete polishing arena stay fresh for approximately 3-5 years, and are typically generated by creative installers who develop and promote new or hybrid techniques that utilize old tools and technology in a completely new way, thus starting off new trends.

So how do you continue to stay updated and competitive in an industry that continues to improve and innovate with every passing year? Engaging with others on social media is one way of judging new trends and the methods of application for your next big architectural polishing project. Another option is joining groups like the ASCC, which boasts of thousands of businesses and contractors working in concrete today, with an unmatched wealth of knowledge. Networking with such personalities allows you to stay on top of your polishing game.

The use of dyes, gloss, full modification of the floor profile, and specialty aggregates are just some of the many ways that creators are making a statement in the polishing industry. Be it a polished overlay, a seeded glass high-gloss finish with incredible light reflectivity, or multiple integrated colour slabs with stencilled patterns, there are numerous applications to fit any design aesthetic that you can possibly think of. It will serve not only as a demonstration of your skills but as a strong testament to your trendsetting for years to come. You can offer your craft to customers to fit their needs and deliver a product that eclipses their expectations with smart planning, trendspotting, and expectation-setting.

In this article, we list a few trends that are fresh in this domain today and can be used to make your polishing work up to date.

1. Colour Dyes: The easiest trend to recognize is definitely the use of colour dyes. The ease of using translucent powerful dyes with polished concrete has been a great marriage. Several architects are discovering that the use of colour on the floor adds exceptional and unique effects and are now exploring the opportunities that come with this discovery. Dyes can be used in schools to highlight specific areas with school colours, in commercial structures to direct the flow of traffic, retail and residential environments and everything in between.

2. Graphics: The use of colour has given birth to another trend that is gaining more and more traction, the use of graphics. Graphics and colour dye have opened the door to just about anything you can think of, from a simple one-color logo to multi-coloured intricately designed pieces of art. Graphics and colour dye with polished concrete has given the ability to designers to run with their imagination. To get a picture, imagine a Persian rug dyed into the entrance of your home, or a multi-coloured company logo in a commercial building, a ribbon of phrases in a long municipality hallway.

At DiamondBrite, we always stay up to date on all the latest trends in the world of architectural polishing and employ very strict quality controls internally in order to ensure that the final product is one that not only meets, but also exceeds expectations. We are routinely associated with architectural fabricators as well as design professionals. We offer a range of architectural and ornamental finishes, and specialize in multiple profiles and products, particularly for highly visible and trafficked areas.

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