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Diamond Brite Metals and Hudson Yards

The New York City skyline is undergoing a profound transformation. Beginning almost a decade ago with the construction of the Freedom Tower in New York City’s financial district, building sites such as 1 Vanderbilt Place, outside of Grand Central, are now commonplace throughout the city. However, the most dramatic construction is happening on the city’s west side with the development of Hudson Yards. Once an industrial area, the infusion of capital into the city’s architectural and commercial projects has led to the complete gentrification of the entire west side. The commercial real estate behemoth Related is the management company that has led the charge in designing, developing, and constructing Hudson Yards. Currently, Hudson Yards is the largest construction project in the world and involves the construction of luxury apartments, office buildings, and retail. The flagship of the Hudson Yards project is 35 Hudson Yards (pictured above), which includes the city’s highest observation point—approximately 1000 feet high—and a bevy of restaurants and retail shops.

Due to the site’s coastal location and the architectural trend in the city for reflective, and aesthetically appealing, superstructures, the Hudson Yard buildings are comprised almost entirely out of stainless steel. Stainless steel’s anti-corrosive properties prime it for the city’s demanding environment. The constant exposure to salt water from the Hudson and East Rivers and, in the winter, to the salt that prevents icing on New York City’s streets demands stainless steel. Its surface’s aesthetic appearance creates the sleek appearance sought by design professionals and architects. Since millions of tons of stainless steel will be used in Hudson Yards, the market for architectural polishing in the metropolitan area has exploded.

Diamond Brite Metals, the country’s most comprehensive architectural polishing facility, has participated extensively in the development and construction of Hudson Yards. Diamond Brite Metals has worked with architects, design professionals, curtain wall and glass experts, and architectural fabricators to provide architectural polishing for Hudson Yards. Specifically, Diamond Brite Metals provided architectural polishing for 35 Hudson Yards and the company’s work can be seen on “Edge” also known as 35 Hudson Yard’s observation deck. Additionally, Diamond Brite Metals produced architectural finishes on I-beams, mullions, and channels for facades, canopies, and curtain wall installations throughout Hudson Yards.

Architects, design professionals, and architectural fabricators routinely rely on Diamond Brite Metals for superior architectural polishing. The company’s commitment to artisan-like quality on all of its highly visible and highly trafficked projects makes it the reliable vendor for all those involved in architectural polishing. With the capability to produce all architectural finishes on all architectural product lines, such as I-beams, channels, angles, square tubes, rectangular tubes, and flat-rolled, Diamond Brite Metals’ work has been feature extensively not only in Hudson Yards but also all over New York City.

Although Diamond Brite Metals is involved heavily in the architectural markets, the company also serves the industrial and commercial markets. A renowned metals polishing vendor for the country’s largest service centers, Diamond Brite Metals services all end-uses industries and the company’s work can be seen throughout the world.

Diamond Brite Metals welcomes any and all inquiries regardless of size or complexity. For general inquiries please contact For architectural inquiries please contact


George Karpus

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