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Custom Bollard Fabrications – All You Need to Know

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Surface Finish in the Design Stage

Fabricated Steel Bollards are commonly used by retail, commercial and government agencies to protect public spaces, buildings, and the people in them from vehicles. Most sorts of public spaces benefit from the presence of bollards. They essentially consist of a simple steel post that is either fastened to concrete, cored into a hard surface, buried in the ground or secured on a self-locking taper or impact recovery system to protect the surrounding foundations when a fabricated steel bollard is struck.

Developed primarily to protect utilities, electronics, machinery, or pedestrians from accidental collisions by vehicles, including passenger vehicles, transport trucking, bollards offer a very stylish choice for both security purposes and a decorative effect. While bollards can be used to define and divide a space, careful consideration of the architecture of the building or entry point may warrant a vehicle barrier, such as the Sentinel Wedge Barrier for maximum security. When installed, this steel wedge barrier requires a shallow mount installation.

One of the most important to things to keep in mind with regard to bollards is their ability to resist impact forces. Bollards can be made from almost any material depending on their required function is, but the most common bollards are usually made of stone, cement, metal, or plastic. Bollards come in a huge range: while there are flexible bollards that can be hit without any damage to the car or post, there also security bollards designed specifically to protect pedestrian zones or buildings by slowing down or stopping vehicles that hit them.

Below is a list of bollards that are used in different scenarios:

1. Construction Bollard

When it comes to construction zones on roadways, bollards can be placed temporarily in order to define and shield the area of work from the traffic. These bollards are generally made of highly flexible and brightly coloured plastic that are ringed in reflective tape and placed on removable bases made of rubber. These bollards are also placed very close to each other, in order to provide a continual visual edge to traffic.

2. Security Bollards

Security bollards also serve as helpful visual guides to people travelling on foot as well as incoming traffic. They are strongly built in order to resist vehicle impact. Most security bollards are made of steel and then loaded up with concrete. However, it is also possible to have the bollards decorated specifically keeping aesthetics in mind. The substrate and installation of security bollards are very essential parts in order to ensure impact resistance. A strong bollard that has been set poorly will offer little resistance, thus defeating the purpose. It also therefore very essential to have engineering oversight for impact resistant bollards. Different applications will also have different impact resistance needs.

3. Protecting People

Bollards prove to be extremely useful in preventing accidents in many different locations: outdoor patios that are situated near busy roadways, parks that are just beside sharp pends in the road, playgrounds that are located near parking lots. Steel and concrete bollards of many different widths can be matched in accordance with the vehicle speeds as well as the distance from the pedestrian zone to the roadway, thus ensuring more safety for the people.

4. Protecting Vulnerable Building Components

In order to minimize damage in the case of an unforeseen accident, many vulnerable building components have safety bollards installed in front of them. Their purpose is not to withstand an intentional attack against them. Rather, they are only meant to provide safety in case some accident occurs. Since they are made purely for situations where there could be accidents, they are often specified with suggested diameters of steel pipe to be filled with concrete.

At DiamondBrite, we offer value-added services in conjunction with polishing, and bollard fabrication is one of the services that we provide. We particularly ensure fabrication for ease to the market. We can polish and cute the pipe provided to us, polish the caps that are provided, weld the cap to the cut pipe, and then polish out the welds as well.

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