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O’Hare Expansion Means Steel, Steel, Steel & Polishing

The election of Donald Trump in 2016, signaled—putting aside social issues—an economic renaissance for a country still discovering its path out of the great recession in 2008. On the campaign trial, President Trump promised substantial tax cuts and an infrastructure bill designed to rebuild American cities and highways. Tax cuts spurred capital expenditures in 2017 and 2018, but an infrastructure bill is languishing in partisan politics. With Washington D.C. gridlocked, an infrastructure bill in 2019 seems less probable with each day Republicans and Democrats square off like petulant children on a national playground. However, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and city of Chicago have taken their own measures to cure a different type of gridlock by launching an $8.5 Billion expansion project of O’Hare International Airport. The project includes the construction of a sleek, modern terminal servicing both international and domestic flights and the redesign of O’Hare’s two main concourses. Construction will occur over the next decade with a completion date of 2028. The expansion of O’Hare means steel, steel, steel, and polishing!

Undoubtedly, architects, design professionals, and project managers will rely on stainless steel for its durability and aesthetic qualities in the design and construction of O’Hare. This is a tremendous opportunity for service centers and architectural fabricators. The project’s specifications will call on service centers to furnish and process thousands of tons of stainless steel tube, bar, plate, and extrusions. General Contractors will ask architectural fabricators, glazing companies, and erectors to install facades, curtain walls, support beams, canopies, bollards, and other structural appointments throughout O’Hare. Both service centers and architectural fabricators will contract with Diamond Brite Metals for polishing and surface finishing services.

Diamond Brite Metals is the country’s most comprehensive architectural and commercial polishing facility. Our work can be seen in metropolitans throughout the United States and service centers and architectural fabricators rely on us to produce architectural and ornamental finishes. Glazing companies routinely contract with Diamond Brite Metals for polishing on extrusions and support beams that frame glass panels in facades and installations. With the construction of a new concourse and the re-design of the existing concourses, architectural plans will call for internal storefronts and facades. Diamond Brite Metals can polish all surfaces of these extrusions and support beams in all industry finishes including mirror #8 and all non-industry finishes such as non-directional and longitudinal.

Heightened security will necessitate the installation of bollards across the perimeters of O’Hare. The mandate for a sleek and modern airport will demand that the reinforced concrete pillars are covered with stainless steel. Diamond Brite Metals has the unique capability to polish and fabricate bollard covers. We can polish stock lengths of tubing and pipe in any industry finish including mirror #8, cut the bollard to length, polish the cap of the bollard to any industry finish including mirror #8, weld the cap onto the bollard, and blend out weld lines to match the bollard’s finish.

Diamond Brite Metals prides itself on its quality and comprehensive polishing capabilities. For a quote, please contact our sales department at We welcome any and all inquiries regardless of size or complexity. Management and our sales staff will work with your design and installation teams to ensure your project’s specifications are met. We look forward to working with you.


Colton Karpus

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