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We supply polished and finished Laser Fused Stainless Steel throughout the United States and the world. Many end-use applications using Laser-Fused Stainless Steel require our Laser Fused Stainless Steel shapes and profiles to be polished and finished. Polishing and finishing Laser Fused Stainless Steel further passivates the profile’s surface, increases the profiles corrosion resistance, imparts a unique aesthetic appearance, and makes the profile suitable for sanitary and regulatory applications. Laser Fused Stainless Steel is available in a variety of finishes. We can help you choose the appropriate finish for your end-use application.


Laser Fused Stainless Steel  comes in a variety of finishes based upon your project or job’s need:


Bead Blasted

All Laser Fused Stainless Steel has a bead blasted surface as a mill finish. This standard mill finish is created by the micro bead blasting and pickling of the Laser Fused Stainless Steel. This finish is typical non-directional in appearance and has a uniform matte surface with low reflectivity. Laser Fused Stainless Steel’s bead blasted mill finish makes the surface ideal for further architectural and industrial finishes.

#4 Satin Finish

A general-purpose satin finish achieved through abrasive belt grits 120-180. This brushed finish has a linear, directional appearance parallel to the length of the Laser-Fused Stainless Steel Profile. #4 satin finishes are commonly used for architectural, commercial, and industrial end-uses.

#6 Satin Finish

A finer finish than the #4 satin finish. A #6 satin finish is achieved through abrasive belts 180-320 grit used in successive passes. This finer brushed finish also has a linear, directional appearance parallel to the length of the Laser-Fused Stainless Profile. A #6 satin finish has a lower reflectivity than a #4 finish due to the finer grit lines imparted by the abrasive belts. #6 satin finishes are commonly used in sanitary end-uses to protect the surface from contamination.

#8 Mirror Finish

The most reflective finish available of Laser Fused Stainless Steel. This finish is achieved through successive fine grinding with abrasive belts and then buffing. The ultimate look is that of a mirror. The underlying grit lines are almost completely removed so that there is no linear or brushed look in the surface. Architects commonly request #8 mirror finishes on Laser Fused Stainless Steel because of the finish’s reflectivity, beauty, flexibility, and durability.

Non-Directional Finish

A Non-Directional Finish also known as “Angel Hair” or “Random Orbital Polish” is a finish achieved by successive fine grinding with abrasive belts then polishing with a random orbital polish. The Non-Directional Finish does not have a linear brushed finish like a #4 satin or #6 satin finish but instead appears directionless similar to a matte finish. The Non-Directional Finish is used by government agencies across the world because of its unique appearance and ease of rehabilitation in the field.

RA & RMS Finishes

A Roughness Average (RA) Finish is an industrial finish similar in appearance to architectural and commercial finishes except that RA Finishes are confirmedby a measurement. RA Finishes can be measured and certified through the use of a profilometer. Engineers commonly request RA Finishes on Laser-Fused Stainless Steel because the ultimate finish is not subjective but instead can be confirmed through tooling. Common end uses are pharmaceutical, food & beverage, chemical, oil & gas, and many other industrial applications.

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